[Friday, August 03, 2012]

Amy took really great care of me after I had a treatment and did not feel well. It was because I was in a panick about the process and this was nothing to do with Amy or Spa Colonic.I appreciate the care that I received and the knowledge provided by Amy. She is a professional and experienced member and Spa Colonic are very lucky to have her on staff. Thank you with the kindest regards.



[Friday, September 29, 2017]

Spa Colonic
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Subject: Testimonial

I cannot begin to describe how important the colon and liver cleanse treatment has been for me during my bout with BCell double hit lymphoma.

I have had this illness for 21 months and my Oncologist in Vancouver was telling me 11 months ago that I was resistant to chemo and that we had to look at other alternatives and we were in trouble. I then decided to make inquiries and decided to attend an alternative therapy program in Scottsdale, Arizona for 3 months (Dec/16-Mar/17). During this time I also went to Mexico to have immunotherapy similar to the TCell therapy procedure.

Through all my treatments and supplements, the one thing my Oncologist told me in Arizona was to seek this colon treatment.

When I came across Spa Colonic only minutes from my place in Richmond, it was a God send. I had a great free consultation with Chiu nan Tang and was received very well by Amy Ho. They gave me a wealth of information and made me feel comfortable. Once I started, I never looked back, and within 3 months at 2-3 days/week, I reached the bottom of my colon, and felt more energetic as toxins were released from my system on a week to week basis.

I am very thankful today to Chiu and Amy and this has helped me deal with my condition better.

I strongly recommend this program for anyone, whether one has a condition of sorts or not, as a healthy colon is essential to one’s well being. No more gassy feeling or bloating, what a relief!

Please feel free to call me for my feedback.


Alex James Ajram


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